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Professional Fiduciary Association of California defines the responsibilities of a fiduciary as unique, essential and often noble in nature. Fiduciaries manage affairs for clients, including housing and medical needs along with financial management services ranging from basic bill paying to estate and investment management.

Fiduciaries are licensed and monitored by the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau under the California Department of Consumer Affairs.


An individual who is appointed by the court to manage the affairs of an adult who is no longer capable to do so.

Conservator of Estate: A legally appointed individual who is responsible for managing and protecting the conservatee’s income and assets.

Conservator of Person: A legally appointed individual who is responsible for decisions regarding the health and welfare of a person.

Personal Representative

An individual appointed by the court to administer the estate of a person who has died. Personal representatives act as administrator of the estate if the person died without a will or as executor of estate if named in a will. Personal representatives have a duty to protect the deceased’s property, finalize their financial affairs and distribute assets to heirs and beneficiaries.


A court appointed or privately hired individual who has the responsibility of carrying out the terms as set forth in the trust document.

Agent under Power of Attorney

An individual designated with the legal authority to act on another’s behalf in the event that one becomes unable to manage their affairs as a result of a major medical event or loss of capacity.

Power of Attorney for Finance: A legal document giving an individual the authority to act on another’s behalf for financial matters.

Power of Attorney for Health Care: A legal document giving an individual the authority to make medical decisions and carry out health care wishes on another’s behalf.


Depending on the complexity of the case and assets, her rate ranges between $150-$225/hr.

“I have worked with and known Paula for six years and I find her to be very pleasant, compassionate and competent. She has a warm and pleasant nature, which puts people at ease. Paula is able to maintain her composure in stressful situations, which has a calming effect on the people around her.”

Jerri W., RN Colleague

About Paula Corsetti

My professional career spans over 20 years, with extensive experience in nursing, nurse management, business management and fiduciary services. Leveraging this experience, I am dedicated to being the strongest advocate for my clients, addressing the diverse challenges that may arise, from navigating the health care system to managing the financial needs of my clients and their estates. I take pride in my attention to detail and compassionate approach, and have an extensive network of close collaborators in legal and financial services, along with homecare, medical, and property management fields.

California Licensed Professional Fiduciary #928
Registered Nurse, State of California

Professional Memberships
Provisors, Pasadena 1 Chapter (Past
Provisors, Pasadena Estate and Succession Planning Group (Past)
Fiduciary Round Table of San Gabriel Valley (Past)
Caltech Women’s Club
Estate Planning Council of San Gabriel Valley (Past
National Guardianship Association
Professional Fiduciary Association of California

“Paula is an intelligent and caring person, is quick to understand issues and, most importantly, asks the right questions when more information is needed to assess a situation. She also has significant business experience, as well as her education as a registered nurse. In spending significant amounts of time with Paula over the years, her high moral and ethical standards became obvious. Some people just exude a sense of trustworthiness, honor and strong moral beliefs, and Paula is one such individual.”

Julia N.,
Licensed Professional Fiduciary

“As I was searching for a professional fiduciary, Paula Corsetti came to me highly recommended. I liked the fact that Paula is a registered nurse and has worked in both home and companion care situations, along with having considerable hospital experience. When Paula came to my home, she had a professional demeanor, but also came across to me as being compassionate, caring and very capable. She simply appeared to me to be someone who could be trusted to carry through on her promised tasks with efficiency and honesty. I felt a sense of comfort and relief in finding her, after interviewing four other professional fiduciaries! She has my trust and I feel she is well-trained and qualified to meet my needs.”

Penny P., Client

“I had the very good fortune of having Paula take care of a wide range of my 98-year old mother’s needs in the last six months of her life. In addition to her extraordinary level of competence and obvious skills as a fiduciary, what made Paula unique was the genuine kindness, concern and patience she demonstrated when addressing my mother, who in the best of times could be rather difficult! Even my brother, a very bright tax law specialist who is rarely impressed with anyone, was satisfied!”

Mike J., Client

The goal of Fiduciary Connection is to provide peace of mind to clients and their families by protecting and managing assets, individuals’ wellbeing and providing guidance in difficult circumstances.

Professional, compassionate, competent...

“After working with Paula for several years in the healthcare field, I chose to acquire her assistance for a family member. She was knowledgeable, helpful, and put my family at ease in navigating the healthcare system. She’s very compassionate and is a great person to have in this role.”

Melissa D., Client

“Paula is a compassionate and competent professional. Her business experience and clinical experience as a registered nurse, along with her strong intuitive skills, make her an excellent candidate for fiduciary services.”

Roxanne G.,
Licensed Professional Fiduciary

“I was referred to Paula by my attorney to sort out my trust going to my sister in England. Paula was extremely easy to work with and I felt very comfortable with her. She explained everything to me and got everything done quickly and without any trouble.”

Jennie G., Client

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